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Chargev is the Korea's largest electric vehicle charging network,

which is transforming the transportation industry by providing the charging stations, mobile app and the network that allow people to charge their cars everywhere they go.






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Chargev provides integrated EV charging services, including electric vehicle charging station construction, monitoring system operation, charging membership services, and car-sharing services. Chargev supplies premium charging solutions tailored for luxury vehicles. As a business vision, Chargev aims to be a smart transportation solution, expanding into a wide range of businesses with the possibility of EV charging infrastructure and autonomous driving infrastructure. Chargev has been designed with the possibility of expanding into various business models, keeping the possibility open and allowing for growth.

Chargev has designed its branding elements under the principle of "Simple yet Modern".


The Chargev logo uses a

sans-serif typeface that conveys a modern and trustworthy feel, combined with geometric shapes that add a level of sophistication. The minimalist design style is both simple and impactful. The design elements of Chargev also utilize a grid system that effectively conveys information and materials that express the brand's unique personality. This helps to create a platform that communicates the brand's value to consumers.

The Chargev logo is designed to convey a modern and trustworthy feeling through its geometric shapes and sleek design. The use of a refined font creates a premium feeling, while the modern style gives a contemporary feel. The electrical symbols in the design of the A and V in Chargev hint at the electrical components that form the foundation of the company. 

Despite the company is currently a charging station company, the goal of the design is to allow for business expansion into all services related to e-Mobility by conveying a premium and modern feel, transcending the image of just a charging station company. The design of the Chargev logo is configured to blend well with the company's current premium clientele, to raise the image of both the charging station and Chargev. The logo has been designed to appeal to b2b customers, to enhance the image of both the charging station and Chargev.